Raise a Toast to Happiness with the Toast Tattoo

Are you looking for a unique way to express your love or an awesome way to greet your best friend or family member on their birthday? Well Urban Trend brings you the Toast Tattoo, an out of the toast way of spreading love and affection.Raise a Toast to Happiness

All you need to do is press these plastic Toast Tattoos on plain pieces of bread and when they pop out of the toaster emblazoned with the messages; they’ll definitely make your loved one’s day. These plastic tattoos bear several different messages, so you now have the chance to brighten up your husband or wife’s day by proclaiming your love in a variety of ways.

If it’s a family member’s birthday than why not wish them on toast now with the various birthday greeting tattoos and broaden the smile on their face right at the breakfast table.

Raise a Toast to Happiness (2)

These toasts tattoos get the boredom out of breakfast and plain toasted bread and you can use them as a great way to spread your greetings, to light up your beloved’s day. The tattooed bread spreads love and affection and of course toast tastes better when there’s plenty of love attached to it.

So get these amazing, beautifully designed toast tattoos and raise a toast to happiness!

Do check out the demo video from Urbantrend below. You would also want to check out the cool Street Fighter Tatoo and the Hard Rock Mono Lisa Version.