Foosball, Air Hockey and Pool Tabletops Are Now a Perfect Fit for Your Kid’s Room

When you go to bars or video games station, I am sure everyone enjoys playing pool, air hockey or foosball. So what is stopping you from getting one or all of these games in your home? Is it because of place congestion, or whopping costs? Well, your worries just end here, because you can have these games at the most exciting deal ever for your kids.Foosball

Foosball, with its spinning control rods is affordable and lightweight for your kids’ room. This mini-tabletop Foosball consists of only four rods, that’s two for each player to control, so you can keep spinning them continuously without reaching out for other rods to hit the goal. While this table is only 20 inches long, it is perfect enough to fit into any small corner in your room for just $29.99.


Air hockey, a fun loving game is all about hitting the striker into the goal at the other end, where you’ve got to score just seven points to win the game. This tabletop game also stands 20 inches long, at the rate of $29.99, while it checks your skills to shoot a perfect aim.


The most popular game, this tabletop pool includes a cue ball, numbered balls and cue sticks. With the most comfortable size for you at 20 inches, you can get this for $29.99 for long hours of entertainment right into your room, which also includes a brush to clean the surface.

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