Amazing Xbox 360 Skull Controller Cradle

This skull themed Xbox 360 controller cradle is an amazing Xbox Mod that makes you really appreciate such creativity and geekery in the gaming world. It is just such a beautiful masterpiece that any Geek would adore and wish it was available at their local gaming store. Unfortunately…it is art…not a real product.

skull xbox 360 controller cradle image

Artist Darryl smith has put together a practical Xbox 360 art piece that makes for a great controller cradle and a beautiful thing to show off in your gaming room. The skull art looks perfect with the Halo 3 embelem right in its center, and with the Halo controller…it just works right! Any geek that arrives to your home would drop at the first sight of the Skull and wouldn’t believe such gems do exist.

I personally was lost for words at first sight…and also right now.

skull xbox 360 controller cradle

Props to Darryl for the wonderful work, we definitely hope you have other such ideas and will bring them forth as well. For other amazing items, check out all the Mods we seen before.

Via: Xbox Freedom