The Motorola Diving Computer: Technology Goes Underwater

For all the avid scuba divers out there, what if you were told that you could now take computer under-water when you go diving? Well, hopefully you don’t have to wait anymore, for there is a state of the art diving-computer concept already designed. Now if you elaborate this concept in layman’s terms you would probably perceive it as a huge processing unit that is water proof which you can take under-water to process readings and findings and the time taken to get to certain area under-water. But that certainly isn’t the case; the Motorola-Diving computer by Mario Icaza is basically an apparatus that a diver can take with him under-water to estimate how much pressure is build up and how much time it would take for the diver to get to the surface and not harm himself (basically in layman’s terms) because for those of you who don’t know, air pressure builds up the deeper a diver goes and that can cause a lot of injuries if not tackled properly.

The solution to this problem is basically to equalize the pressure manually, but if the estimate is wrong it can prove fatal for the diver. For this very purpose the Motorola Diving Computer was build. The apparatus the diver uses is powered by a process which goes by the name of “The Motorola MC 146805”. It’s a powerful processor and can operate with sheer ease below the surface of the water courtesy of the intelligent apparatus design. The apparatus consists of the processor, LED’s gloves, and a timer to time the dive.


Technology is advancing day by day and every passing hour someone somewhere comes up with awesome and amazing stuff that could help mankind perform their tasks with ease and precision. The Motorola diving computer is one of many examples. Scuba divers who faced the daunting task of actually estimating when to increase or decrease pressure now have this baby to use. An automatic system that judges with the help of the processor and other communication material when to automatically release or increase pressure under-water to the scuba diver can be at total ease.

Now all the Tech savvy people who thought that scuba diving was scary and could take away their lives could use the Motorola diving computer and feel free to jump into the water and without  any tension have fun and view the beautiful world that is under-water. If you want music while you’re there, here’s a Waterproof MP3 player for you.

motorola diving computer conceptual design