Basic Necessities Of Life: Food, Water, Electricity & USB

Right from the ancient ages we have regarded three things as the most basic necessities for survival, they are Food, Shelter and Clothing; but thanks to industrial era we added another important thing into the basic necessities list and that is Electricity. But here we are looking at a completely new thing that wants to take it’s rightful place in the above mentioned list and that is the USB, yes it’s  very true and highly logical as well.

USB Essentials

The image from dialog5 shows the modern definition of the Basic needs of Life: Water, Electricity and USB, each of them taking their rightful places in the list. Come to think of it, we really owe a lot to the humble USB port that has gained such great importance in these past few decades, in fact there is hardly any sector in the whole world that does not implement the use of a USB port at some  stage of their processes, thus it can and should really claim it’s place in the list.

If you are thinking that I’m over-exaggerating then you should probably have a look at the Built-In Connections that is a testimony to the very same fact, or check out the regular day stuff that have been given a new avatar through the use of the USB like the USB Rechargeable Lighter.