TankPitstop Robot Fills Your Car with Fuel without You Having to Lift a Finger!

At most gas stations, you would have to fill your own petrol, and you don’t really find service station attendants anymore. Firstly, it is not safe for employees to be exposed to fumes and secondly, it is expensive to hire people. However, if you do not like to get down from your car and fill the car with fuel, here is a new robot which might do the job for you.

The TankPitstop is a fully automated robot that fills fuel to vehicles. It is being touted as the first passenger car refueling robot and could change the way we fill our cars with fuel, and also the way service stations function. The Tankpitstop is basically a hi-tech robot that allows passengers to stay in the car while it is refueled, without having to lift a finger. Now let us take a look at how the robot really works.

Syncing the Car with Robot

You would get an RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification Chip), that would be hidden in a sticker. You would just need to paste it on the inside of the windshield and the RFID chip has all the information about your car which in turn interacts with the Tankpitstop robot.

The Tankpitstop’s database has all the information that is located in the RFID chip in your car, and hence the robot “knows” which angle the nozzle must be while filling fuel, what kinda fuel your car requires, how much fuel is required and other such information. The robot “learns” all this through a special so-called “learning station”.


The Tankpitstop also comes with an instruction screen which allows you to know when to stop your car and what exactly you must do. After that, the robot would identify your car’s requirements through RFID and fill the fuel.


The robot is exceptionally safe and you would not have to worry about either damaging your car or anything else, as it has 3 “hands” and they come with rubber suction cup which act as fingers to open the flap on your car.

Payment takes place with your authorization and you do not have to get out from your car at all. The robot also senses if children are playing within the car and retreats. If things go wrong, you could press a red button which stops the robot.

How Useful is the Robot

The Tankpitstop offers unmatched speed, comfort and convenience. You would not have to inhale noxious gasoline fumes and you would still smell of the perfume you wore earlier, and not of petrol. It just takes 4 minutes and you are done with fillin ‘er up! If you own a gas station, it would allow you to garner increased revenue as more number of people can fill their tanks without having to waste time to pay you. It increases your revenue by 20%! If you wish, you could market the Tankpitstop under your own label as it has no mandatory campaigns. Installation of the Tankpitstop is easy as well!

There is no reason why this shouldn’t become the “next big thing” in terms of transportation. We might see more number of service stations opting for robots to fill your car. It is safe, convenient and fun too! Better yet, it definitely beats paying for gas with your thumb.

Thanks Gabriel for the tip!