23 Geekiest Comic Book Tattoos

Traditional societies have always had strong reservations against tattoos, and more recently due to the modern history of World War II, tattoos are viewed with a negative opinion in many countries. However, most of the younger generations these days are well aware of the aesthetic qualities of a tattoo, and the main reason for getting a tattoo is to make a personal statement.

Thus, a tattoo is an extension of one’s personality or a perceived notion of who he or she is. It is not uncommon to find tattoos that depict various rock bands, celebrities, cults and even philosophies. With all this being said, we should know that a surprisingly high number of people get tattoos that are inspired by comic books and characters from Marvel and DC comics.

These tattoos are not only cool, but also geeky and could serve as a common thread between fans of comic books across the world. Here we gathered an amazing list of the 23 Geekiest Comic Book Tattoos inspired by your favorite Comic Characters such as Wolverine, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, the Hulk and more.

Hulk Tattoo

Hulk is an alter ego of Dr. Bruce Banner, who is a withdrawn and reserved individual. Since Banner is accidentally exposed to a gamma bomb, he mutates and turns into a raging monster. This character packs in more punch than you can image. Here are some cool tattoos dedicated to him.

Known for his fierce facial expressions, Hulk looks incredibly macho in this tattoo.

This Hulk Tattoo is all green, and when you see someone with this tattoo you shall surely go green with envy!

Hulk looks all enraged and aggressive in this tattoo on a guy’s back.

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Wolverine Tattoo

If you like mutants who come with animal-keen senses and enhanced physical abilities, you might certainly like Wolverine. Thanks to his healing factor, he can arrest the aging process and live beyond what usual humans live. Coupled with these characters and great adventures that he engages himself in, tattoos dedicated to him would be just as exciting!

Here is a tattoo that not only features Wolverine, but also Sabertooth. It has been inked on someone’s rib cage.

Here is a tattoo that features Gambit and Wolverine and it must have been really painful to get this one inked!

This simple Wolverine tattoo is not only simple but also packed with loads of attitude. Since it is one the arms, it may not cause a lot of pain!

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Spiderman Tattoos

Spiderman is known for his universal appeal, and it is the dream of every child and adult to scale the skyscrapers like he does. The Cure gave a completely new meaning to the “Spiderman” in their song Lullaby, but these cool tattoos here look just great!

This tattoo must have been really painful to get! What looks best is the spider that is inked within the tell-tale web pattern.

This one is a replica of the Spiderman character that we have all grown so accustomed to.

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Iron Man Tattoo

Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark could very well be one of the most popular comic characters in the world. What could be better than showing your admiration for this protector of the world than to ink an Arc Reactor from Iron Man comics? This one has been inked by an 11 year old with his left hand.

Superman tattoo

Superman needs no introduction, and is famous all around the world. This crime fighting hero has been depicted in several tattoos. Here are a few cool ones.

Here is a tattoo on a guy’s chest which depicts the “death of Superman”.

This Superman tattoo may be simple but has an appeal of its own.

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Batman Tattoos

If you love Batman and his series of adventures, you would most certainly have watched the movies as well. Moreover, Batman is some kind of a modern culture symbol and thus there are several tattoos dedicated to him.

This Batman tattoo is simple and does justice to the character in its own way.

This Batman tattoo must have been really painful for the person who got it.

A more detailed and larger Batman tattoo, this one has been inked on the torso region which is actually quite painful.

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Punisher Tattoo

If you always do not like the good guys, and believed in worshiping anti-heroes, you would certainly like Frank Castle, or the Punisher. This vigilante uses killing, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, threats of violence, and torture to fight crime. This cool tattoo is dedicated to him.

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Captain America Tattoo

Yet another comic character based on an alter ego, Captain America is the result of an experimental serum given to Steve Rogers, a sickly young man. Here are some cool tattoos dedicated to him.

Captain America looks all sombre and serious in this tattoo!

Captain America seems ready to deliver a massive punch in this tattoo.

This cool Captain America tattoo was found at Comic Con 2009.

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Dark Phoenix Tattoos

If you are a fan of X-men, you would know that The Dark Phoenix Saga is an extended storyline. With unparalleled storyline and packed with great adventures, X-men has remained one of the most popular comic series.

Here is a Dark Phoenix Tattoo on the sleeve which looks pretty kick-ass.

This Dark Phoenix Tattoo shows the character all ready for a great adventure.

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Wonder Woman Tattoo

If you are a hardcore feminist and always looked up to characters that stood up for women’s rights, you would surely like Wonder Woman. These tattoos pay homage to this cool character.

Wonder Woman looks really strong and kick-ass in this tattoo. It was inked by using a number of colors.

This tattoo clearly indicates the gender bias that has existed in most societies, and which is what Wonder Woman fights against.

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Green Lantern Tattoo

There couldn’t be a better power ring than a Green Lantern, if you wanted to become a comic superhero yourself. Try and get this tattoo and who knows, you might get some powers yourself!

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These tattoos indicate not only the growing popularity of inking and body art, but also the revival of comic reading culture as well! It would be really great if comics became popular once again, as it has been overtaken by other forms of media.