Mario Table Shelf Painting Brings Back Good Old Mario Memories

Who in this world had thought that game designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s Mario would thoroughly entertain and have so much impact on it’s world wide fans? The Mario Frenzy has had outcomes in the form of various games, merchandise, toys and so on but this time it’s an awesome Mario Painting on a table shelf by a contestant over at Happy Seamstress (of Nintendo craft contest).Mario Shelf Painting

This strong table shelf has 4 compartments, each of them connected and supported¬† by green colored legs at each corner while the Mario painted on the table exactly resembles the video game graphic it used to have. The 4 divisions have paintings of mario in it’s 4 discrete levels, the top most has Mario in the first level (of the game) while the bottom most has Mario in the last level in which he saves the princess. So use the table for keeping your Mario goodies and toys or your personal stuff and just flaunt your Mario love!

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