‘Eskimo Ice’ Fish Cubes are Cool for Theme Parties

Tired of using standard square ice cubes to chill your drinks? Try Eskimo Ice at your next party for a creative idea that’s sure to keep your guests talking long into the night.


Eskimo Ice, or Fish Pops, are reusable plastic fish skeletons you freeze with the liquid of your choice in their matching molds. When they’re ready, the bottom half of the fish becomes encased in the frozen liquid, leaving you holding the smiling fishy head or letting it peek out of your glass.


Eskimo Ice can be used for either it’s obvious purpose (making ice cubes), or for making homemade popsicles in your freezer¬†“for a treat they’ll eat down to the bone”.

These molds have a definite gross out factor in the vein of the ever popular purple ketchup and edible gummy bugs that would appeal to the youngest generation. I remember making popsicles when I would babysit for kids in my neighborhood and I’m sure they would have loved to have a fake dead fish smiling back at them instead of the regular popsicle stick we used. And as anyone who’s babysat knows, if the kids are happy, everybody is happy.

For adults, Eskimo Ice would be great for theme parties. Picture a dead fish sticking out of the glasses at your next Halloween bash or Hawaiian luau, it’s never too early to start planning!

While the site didn’t give any information on where to buy, it looks like Eskimo Ice will be available at several upcoming trade shows. Until then, be sure to check our their unforgettable YouTube video (complete with man in costume) and cool advertisement.

Phony dead fish not your thing? Spread the geek love with Tetris ice cubes. Or add blood stained cooking utensils and attire to the gross out factor and complete your spooky ambiance.

via: UrbanTrend