Recycled Motherboard Coasters Are Quite Appealing To Mother Nature

One of the most major and ever pacing threat to our environment is arising due to the huge amount of E-waste we generate everyday, it almost sums up to around one fourth of the total waste produced around the world, but these cool new Motherboard Coasters are here to stop just the same, and give Mother nature a sigh of breath.Motherboard Coasters

These coasters are made from old recycled Motherboards and wear a really cool and geeky look that will make them appealing to every geek and environmentalist alike. These coasters are the perfect way to spice up your usual company discussions or just plain relaxing cocktail parties.

Each coaster is approximately 4 inches in diameter (large enough to hold even the largest of mugs) and come in a set of Six, selling for $12.99 a set, which I feel is quite a good deal for the most geeky set of coasters there exists.

You can also check out the other cool eco-friendly daily stuff that have been made from E-waste like the, Motherboard Circuits Mona Lisa remake, Motherboard Chess set or the extremely geeky Motherboard Bathroom Mirrors that will give you a new outlook on life.