Awesome Plants Vs Zombies Characters for Geek Home Lawn

Every home and office spaces reflect personality of the occupants because the color and décor choices reveal the inclinations of the mind. Thanks to all modern geek designers geeks can now actually give their real space a surreal virtual look. For instance these awesome Plant Vs Zombie characters created as lawn decorations are based on popular virtual Plants Vs Zombie game but don’t these recreations look more real on the real lawn?

We seem to inhabit a surreal space where real and virtual worlds merge in more than one way. The designer has created flawless ceramic lawn décor using Plant Vs Zombie game characters and this décor will make even the green space tell a tale of the power of green in warding off evil intentions. It will certainly make geeks spend time away from their screen and rest their tired eyes on the green. The animated objects often make the place look more alive and friendly.

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Moose Gueydan Via BoingBoing