SmackTalk iPhone App is One of the Funniest Apps I’ve Ever Seen

This iPhone application video here shows one of the funniest apps and although we do not know what they are saying, it easily makes us crack a smile and even provides a good laugh here and there.  

We are all already aware of how many different apps are available for the iPhone that vary between productivity, games, photos, social media and many more also including plenty of useless fun. Well, the SmackTalk app easily falls under the useless fun, but it offers so with such ease and hilarity that it is completely excusable.

This Application simply mimicks what you say with a hamster’s voice…kind of like an Alvin and the Chipmunks voice generator. As can be seen with the video above (including the child and the third below), this app is simple enough for any age group, provides plenty of fun and can be used in any language.

I personally would rather find more productive iPhone apps but then again…we all need a simple laugh here and there.

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Enjoy the videos!