iShot ClockCam with Motion Detection makes Surveillance Easy

Just after Apple launched the iPhone, adding “i” has become a trend and you can see that the company who made this Hidden ClockCam has an “i” in its name.

iShot ClockCam 1

iShot has established itself as a Company that manufactures various accessories for shooting sports and law enforcement industries. Enhancing its product range, iShot has come up with a ClockCam for hidden surveillance.  Not only the Camera work as a Clock, it lets you monitor activities at your home and office in completely covert manner. If you are a working couple and you have appointed a new babysitter, you can keep an eye on her with the iShot ClockCam and she won’t even know that she is being spied upon. Not just the babysitter, you can also keep an eye on your housekeeper with this nifty gadget.

iShot ClockCam 2

The SnapShot Picture Camera Version of the ClockCam lets you take Motion-Activated Fast Action Security Pictures with up to 52,000 Snapshots and over 26,000 Color Snapshots Per Gig. These Extremely Super High Quality Surveillance Pictures are shot at 640 x 480 resolution and saved onto a 2Gb Removable SD Card which can be connected to your Computer for viewing.

This motion-activated hidden camera is powered by Battery and can also be or plugged in for extensive recording. The motion detector detects the motion and immediately begins recording the events happening around.

The Motion-Activated Color CMOS Surveillance Camera Version can record up to 640 x 480 Full Screen Color Images and Up To 24 Hours of Video at FPS (Frames per second) of 30 or 15. If you wish to view the content on your cellphone, just take out the SD card from this ClockCam and insert in your phone.

iShot ClockCam 3

With the Overwrite feature, the Camera gives you unlimited recording capabilities so once maximum limit of recording is hit, the iShot ClockCam starts overwriting the old footage. Best yet, this great home spy gadget runs for only $180.00.

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