At least These Bottoms Up Shot Glasses Won’t Make You An April Fool For Sure!

For all Night creatures all over the world, it must be a common scenario where after having just 2-3 shots your hand again lifts the glass only to make you realize that you have already emptied it! Avoid such instances with this Bottoms Up Shot Glasses which will notify you in a cool way that if it’s empty.bottomsup shot glass

The Bottoms Up Shot Glasses that comes in a set of 2 oversized (4 ounces each) glasses, is labelled ‘Drink’ in a stylish font when it’s filled; after you shoot it and turn the glass around, the ‘Drink’ font automatically changes to or rather appears as ‘Drunk’ without actually changing the original text, all thanks to Jason Amendolara, the designer from Fred Studio who perfectly used the typographic art magic of ‘ambigram’ (a calligraphic design that manages to squeeze two different readings into the same set of curves!). It’s simply Drink Up, Drunk Down! But I wonder would I be in my senses to properly read and differentiate between Drink and Drunk after having 2-3 shots?

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