Cakewich Molds Will Make Awesome Cakes for Sandwich Fans

Ever since man learned to bake, breads and cakes have enjoyed huge popularity all over the world and even today most geeks love to grab a bite of healthy sandwich (which are easy to make and can be made nutritious and tasty) in between work and play. So for such die hard sandwich fans here is Sandwich cake molds to bake tasty “Cakewichs’ – i.e. cakes which look like sandwiches.

cakewich sandwich mold

Cake designs depend on different molds and we have seen many interesting cake designs featured on these pages in the past, so compared to them ‘Cakewich’ design is one of the simple and minimalist but yet many regular cake lovers and sandwich lovers will surely try out this new mold. Geeks will like to take some nice home baked ‘Cakewichs’ to work or picnics and kids will surely love take these in their school lunchboxes. These cakewichs are perfect replicas of real sandwiches and one can even play pranks on friends and playmates by offering these cakewiches for dessert. The Sandwich mold is made of silicone and costs $22.99.

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Via Toxiferous