Hands on with the Dexim Gadgets: AV iPhone iPod Dock Station and External Battery Pack

The iPhone’s popularity just keeps on rising, especially as it provides so many possibilities and along with the upcoming iPhone 4.0 OS, it seems that it is not going away any time soon. With that, many iPhone cases, accessories and more are released for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch everyday that make it even more fun. Dexim is one that provides some cool iPhone and iPod Gadgets – really giving something extra, such as their AV Dock Station and the BluePack External Battery Pack.

dexim iphone gadgets dock and battery

iPhone iPod AV Dock Station:

dexim av dock station iphone ipod

iPhone users are already aware of the fun media platform the iPhone is, and with the Dexim Dock station, it makes it even easier to enjoy. This specific dock station is simply a useful dock in order to use your iPhone on your Television and Stereo for movies (up to 720i Resolution) and music. There are easy cables for a well made connection that deliver the movie on the bigger screen and the music in your awesome speakers. It doesn’t make it complicated to set it all up, and we had it connected within a few minutes, docked the iPhone, and used the enclosed remote. Yes…that is the fun part; it comes with a mini remote to control the iPhone or iPod with.

This made the entire experience much better, for you could navigate to music and movies and simply have a media remote to your iPhone. Of course, this does not mean that watching home movies instead of your DVD or Media computer is a better experience, but…if you have media on your iPhone and want a handy solution to play it at home…the Dexim dock grants it.

It is compatible with the iPod Touch and iPhone models, along with the iPod Classic (120/160 Gb from 2009) and the iPod Nano (4/5th Generation – Video). In addition, there are adapters to all the different models, so your specific compatible Apple gadget fits just right. Even further, there are batteries included for the remote, so you just need the short set up and you’re ready to go.

Overall, the Dexim AV Dock Station with Remote Control is a convenient iPhone/iPod dock that is extremely practical and runs for only $79.99.

BluePack Battery Pack:

dexim battery pack bluepack s8

We really liked the Dexim Battery pack, for it is enormously useful and also very portable, thus providing additional gadget power without any extra fuss. iPhone users especially are aware of how much battery power becomes crucial, for with all the music, movies and Internet we are using, the battery is being drained…sometimes leaving us with low battery level (or a dead iPhone). Of course, we could always take our charger with us, but what if we are not next to a wall outlet or want another solution?

This battery pack is extremely slim and grants up to 11 hours extra talk time, 21 hours of video/game time and even as many as 92 hours extra music time. Of course, the times will vary based on your specific gadget use, but in the end, it grants a really efficient solution to having extra power in a convenient way.

It is a 3000mA Lithium Polymer Battery that is charged by a regular wall outlet and holds the charge for external use. There are different adaptars to connect you to the iPhone/iPod, along with Blackberry, T-Mobile G1 and even HTC. Immediately charging it and then using it, we have realized how fun it is to use our iPhone for any of its uses, without having to worry about having to cut back and worry about whether we will be left without a charge. It also comes with a carrying case for the Battery, the charger and adapters, so it isn’t making a mess in your bag or car and easy to take along.

The BluePack™ S8 3000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery is extremely practical, fun to have and really grants extra freedom of using your mobile gadget for extended times and for the uses it was meant for. It runs for $79.99 and gives plenty of mobile power…especially during the Summer when you are at the beach.