Opera Mini Fails Acid Test for iPhone

While Apple may believe that Safari is the best browser for iPhone, it is also becoming increasingly clear that it is the only browser that works well with the iPhone. Earlier, we had mentioned how the Opera’s mobile browser was a great way to use Internet on mobile phones for a speedy choice, it may not be best suited.

iphone browser test

However, it turns out that an acid test for iPhone browsers showed that the Opera failed almost miserably against Safari. Now, Opera’s Mobile browser is known to compress data before getting it on your mobile phone’s screen but it does not always work that way.

It is meant to reduce the data transfer so the user would not have to spend more money on data usage. However, Safari scores better because of the interface and also because it works well with the iPhone. Moreover, being a browser that has been officially released by Apple for the iPhone, it has certain features that make it more viable than any other browser.

The Acid3 Test is a standardized rendering test of web browsers. Any score that is less that 100 is considered a failure and the test can be used for both web and mobile browsers. Opera scored a dismal 74 where as Safari scored 100, when tested for the iPhone. However, the test does not indicate that Opera Mini browser can’t be used efficiently on other cellphones. In fact, one would need to do another Acid test!

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Via: iSmash Phone