‘No Fear’ is the Only Attitude with the Cyber Leather Arm Bracer

We don’t know whether you belong to any local gang, but we have something which will – depending on you – may scare off even the macho man of your local gangsta. Maybe, you can pull a surprise power punch if anyone tries to rob or bully you. Here is what we are so confident about that we are telling you to engage in such outrageous activities (we did not mean it, really).

Called the ‘Cyber Leather Arm Bracer’ by BobBasset – don’t go by the world cyber, neither it has been developed by any Internet freak nor only for such people – just wear it to feel the renewed power of your arm. You are good to go against anyone trying to out you physically.

So gorgeous it looks that even the Dark Knight would be noticed for one, of course as Bruce, you know it is hard to bet that it can replace those sleek and robust titanium coated arm braces that ‘Christian Bale’ wore in the movie, The Dark Knight.

Best of all, it fits all sizes. So no worry, whether you are a veteran looking to cope with the newer challengers or a young kid trying to make a mark on someone coming unfair on you. Its free size will let you brace it as smoother as it can get. Note that we do not want you to engage in any kind of fight for who ever wins in a battle, humanity takes a fall! But self-defense is your very first birth right in this whole competitive world. If you manage to grab one and get the opportunity to use it, let us know about your hands-on experience.

Anybody a geek or techie? Well as far I know, most of the geeks/techies are not sturdy in looks and not boast of super strength either- like me and my other tech-buff friends, locally and on the Internet – so this is a perfect gadget for them to load on their arm, and feel and behave like a fierce Intel Core i7 processor while running a Core to Duo (maybe dual core) processor in the back. Any shouts for monster ATI 5890?

Okay, that was about all that power and punch gangsta stuff, roll over to Lord of the Rings Swords for ancient warrior thing, plus also check out Steampunk Soild Brass Goggles.