The real iPhone 4G Leaked, Disassembled and Here are the Current Specs

Seems like the real iPhone 4G was really leaked out! As we are already familiar with all the previous iPhone models prior to their release, it is a hot story where everyone would like to see it, find out more information and get the inside scoop before Steve Jobs decides to present it at MacWorld. Well..seems like the cat is out of the bag a bit early.

iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 1

iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 2

UPDATE: Apple’s official announcement of the iPhone 4G and iOS 4.

Just recently, there were some rumored iPhone 4G leaked images, which were later said to be fake and this time Gizmodo provided the inside scoop stating that this new so called iPhone prototype is truly the real deal. So without delaying any further, let’s take a look at what the upcoming iPhone 4G is made up of, and how it looks.

iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 3

iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 4

The new iPhone 4G looks a bit different than the previous models, by first of all…being a little more square and techy. Further more, Gizmodo have actually disassembled it to find out some more points, realize it is made up of true Apple parts and provide many actual reasons why this is the real deal…a lot of investigative work, intelligent deductions and real hands on probing. They provide the actual points as what the new iPhone 4G is made up of, so we know what is coming up in just a few months.

new iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 1

new iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 2

iPhone 4G Specs:

iPhone 4G dimensions and weight: 4.50 x 2.31 x 0.37 inches and 140 grams (3 grams heavier)
iPhone 4G Camera: Front face video camera for video chat and also a better camera on the back with a wider lens then the 3GS. Moreover, the back camera now includes a flash.
iPhone 4G Screen: Although the leaked iPhone 4G presents a slightly smaller screen, it is also presumably to have a better quality screen (960 x 460)…HD Anyone? or should we say…iPhone HD?
iPhone 4G Microphone: made up of two which hopefully will provide better voice calls and possible noise canceling/isolation.
– The new iPhone 4G Looks: The back is no longer rounded but is made of a flat glass or plastic surface, hopefully improving reception. Also, it surround by an Aluminum outline, and the one volume button was now separated into two separate volume up and down buttons.
– The iPhone 4G will not be a regular Sim but has been replaced by a MicroSim
– iPhone 4G Battery is 16% larger, as all Apple fans will always appreciate the extra time they have to play with the device.
– Lastly, the new iPhone HD will be made up of smaller internal components yet is rumored to have an increased storage (earlier rumor was at 80Gb) 🙂
– Of course, iPhone OS 4.0 (iOS 4) will be an integral part.

new iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 3

new iphone 4g leaked images exclusive 4

Still, if you are not so sure it is the real iPhone HD and need more actual facts, figures and assurance why it actually is, then make sure to check out the Gizmodo Exclusive, where they show many more images, hands on videos (one is below) and also give the nitty gritty about why they truly believe, they have uncovered the real upcoming iPhone 4G. Whoa…Steve Jobs is probably out of his mind right now.