Weird Bart Simpsons Look Alike Sculpture with LED

There could be two reasons as to why this sculpture came into existence, the first possibility is that Bart Simpson lost his youth potion and started to decay, hence the necessary conversion from muscle to metal or maybe the artist was simply a hardcore Simpsons fan who really enjoyed the movie robots.Bart Bot

funny bart simpson robot

Now whatever be the reason, the results of this strange phenomenon are truly amazing. The new Bart Simpson look-alike does have a totally different look but still retains some of the original Bart’s quirky features (namely his face); one change that truly stands out is the color, Bart seems to have let go of the Simpson’s yellow and adopted a futuristic green. His neck too is skinnier probably to facilitate a better choking effect when Homer gets pissed and after looking at this sculpture one has to ask if Bart asked for a stronger body in order to take all the punishment he is dished out; Also a major problem with all metal bodies Bart now comes equipped with two pin plug, so plug him in and watch him light up like a Christmas tree and another queer addition is what seems to be speaker mounted on his back.( the purpose of which is a mystery).

bart robot design

bart robot lamp design

bart simpson green robot lamp

Overall, it is a great creation that brings Bart Simpson to life in a different and more realistic form than the 2D cartoon character counterpart we have become so familiar with for over 20 years. Unfortunately, it is not mass market made, but for true The Simpsons fans, it could be the last item needed to truly make a bizarre collection utterly complete.

bart simpson robot design

cool bart simpson robot design

cool bart simpson robot

All in all this cool sculpture would definitely look cool atop the Simpson’s mosaic table and also will make you chuckle, as the family did when they made fun of Apple with their own brand name…Mapple.

green bart simpson robot

new bart simpson robot