Star Wars Stormtrooper Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo Is Not Edible

The Day of the Dead is when Latinos from Mexico pray and remember their dead family members, ancestors and friends. Part of the tradition includes creating sugar skulls which are colorful and artistic. Mexican sugar skulls always incorporate certain traditional, and tribal beliefs that are inspired by popular culture as well.

Thus, you should not be surprised to look at this amazing and eerie Stormtrooper Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo from BMEzine. Though the tattoo-bearer has not bothered to shave off the hair on the toes, the tattoo still looks pretty amazing and Star Wars fans would definitely like the idea of creating real Mexican sugar skulls that are inspired by Star Wars, if they do not want to get a tattoo of the same.

The tattoo art is not only detailed but also intricate and colorful, but has a certain eeriness to it. You could also take a look at other Star Wars inspired tattoos like the Lightsaber Tattoo. If you like only Stormtrooper and don’t like tattoos, check out the Che Stormtrooper Busts.

Via: Geekologie