High Tech Scale Promotes Successful Weight Loss

A goal-oriented scale fits the mindset of modern dieters and offers PC connectivity for a total lifestyle experience; We need such goals to keep on track.


While a regular scale displays what you weigh at the moment, this scale shows what you’ll have to lose to weigh in at what you want instead. The scale allows you to enter a target weight and will subtract that number from the current weight it calculates as you step on the scale.

Speaking personally, it would be nice to not have to have my weight staring back at me each time I step on a scale. As a culture we are goal oriented and watching the number get smaller and smaller might be a way to turn loosing weight from something personal and embarrassing into just another goal to be accomplished. Using the word “delete” instead of “lose” also helps make it less personal.


Who hasn’t looked around to make sure no one was glancing before stepping on the scale at the gym? No need to be concerned about someone peeking at the target weight display on the side on this scale, it disappears five seconds after being set and doesn’t show up again until you set a new target weight.

But weight… okay bad pun. The scale can be connected to your PC and will send data that can then be used with the included weight management program to provide stats and give suggestions on how to reach your goal. It can even be connected wirelessly for instant data transfer with no need to carry the scale over to your desk.

The company also offers a Mobile Health Center that can communicate with the scale. With the mobile center you can bring all your stats to your doctor and figure out what exercises you have to do and for how long to reach your target weight.


The bottom of the scale has a rubber strip for absorbing shock and preventing slipping. The scale runs on an easily replaceable AA battery.

Technology has started slowly but surely creeping into the realm of personal health care and this scale isn’t the only example. A mobile blood pressure cuff complete with USB and a virtual jump rope are other great examples of how technology can make getting healthy easier and even more fun.

Purchasing info wasn’t available, but feel free to stop by mintpass to drool over this very cool new scale.