Convertible Dining Table Lets You Play Poker and Indulge in Gaming

It is not every day that you come across a table that has multi-functions. Now, here is a dining table that allows you to hold conferences, have dinners and when everything is done, play poker and other games. The stylish and elegant Convertible Dining Table is the brainchild of designer Lee J Rowland, who has put in weeks of research into the creation of the table.

gaming poker dining table

It is being touted as the world’s first convertible table which vaguely reminds me of convertible Mustangs. The table easily converts into a classic gaming surface and he has used vitreous enamel in order to create it. Vitreous enamel behaves just like ceramics do, and is very difficult to wear out.

gaming poker dining table lee

Lee has also used patented motor technology by Maxon in order to make the table rotate gyroscopically. The table has a slim outer frame and is an eye-candy in all respects. Thanks to Collingwood RGB L.E.D strip, you could either choose a single color or an astounding 27 different colors in the lighting inlay of the table. The table can be used for both poker and gaming.

gaming poker dining table lee j rowland

The table’s LED Neon Diffuser Color Change Strip can be programmed, and the table measures 2800mm x 1250mm x 750mm. It costs £38,000 and is a great-buy if you have that kind of money. You could also take a look at the Pipeline Artistic Desk Design, which was created by Lee J Rowland as well.