Terrifying Predator Motorcycle is Back!

If you are a biker and loved all the cool mods of motorcycles, you would be pleased to know that here is a really cool Predator Motorcycle that was found in Thailand. The bike has a sort of Oriental look to it, though it reminds you of the Predators movie and also the Alien Vs Predator video games.

predator motorcycle thailand 2

If you love stories that involve extraterrestrials, aliens and science fiction wars, you would certainly like the Alien franchise and all the movies and games that have come out of it. Inspired by the franchise, this motorcycle looks really cool with the red gleaming eyes, and strangely resembles a mountain yak if you look at the mane.

predator motorcycle thailand 1

It must have cost a fortune to mod this Yamaha motorcycle, and it sure will turn a lot of heads of you ever get to ride it on the highway. The Predator motorcycle found in Thailand almost has a steampunk feel to it and you could see a lot of metal pieces as well, which give the yak mane look that I was talking about earlier.

predator motorcycle thailand 4

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predator motorcycle thailand 3