Outlandish Steampunk Masks

If you are a Steampunk fan, you will definitely love these scary masks that seem to have been inspired by fictitious characters. These were created by Petrov and his team, based in Ukraine.

scary steampunk mask 1

scary steampunk mask 2

scary steampunk mask 3

Using mainly leather but also stones, metal, resin, glass and other materials, Petrov and his team at Bob Basset specialize in avant-garde masks that seem to indicate a connection between the Industrial age and the present age that is dominated by violent video games, science fiction and futuristic gadgets.

steampunk bizarre lord angular

steampunk bizarre lord side

steampunk bizarre lord

A notable feature of Steampunk movement is the craving for the innocence of Industrial age, while hating and despising the nuclear related developments. Thus, these masks could be a way of warning what could happen if the world were to reach the state of a nuclear apocalypse. Perhaps we shall all have to wear metallic and leather masks in order to protect our lungs.

Even if the nuclear apocalypse does not happen, our environment is far too polluted and the day is not far when we shall have to compulsorily wear gas masks and other kinds of masks in order to protect our lungs.

While there are no particular descriptions given to any of these masks here, each of them look more foreboding than the other, and they all have the tell-tale brass and copper buttons.

The pipes attached to the nasal cavity indicate that the way we are proceeding, we shall surely have to wear these masks sometime soon. Apart from the reason they were created, these Steampunk Masks look really cool. We had also written about other Bob Basset Steampunk Masks sometime back, and you might want to check them out as well!