21 Inspiring Green Gadgets for Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, and it could also be considered one of the most important days, for it brings awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment and brings people together for one eco-friendly celebration.

Earth Day is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on April 22. It is a day when we need to look away from the daily activities and observe ourselves, and our activities from an ecological perspective. It would be surprising indeed, to learn that almost all of us are contributing to the ecological damage and environmental degradation.

After observing our follies that lead to carbon footprints, we need to make sure that we make certain changes in our lifestyles to save and conserve energy, use bio-degradable materials and try and use only organic and recycled products. Being a geek also comes with environmental responsibilities. It is known that electronic gadgets and computers contribute to a great amount of hazardous waste.

While we can’t really do away with computers and gadgets, we could try and increase the number of green gadgets, or environmentally friendly gadgets and technology in our daily lives. Moreover, going green is not all that boring. It can be real fun, as evidenced by these green gadgets and concepts. So, take a look at all the 21 Green gadgets and concepts that will help inspire many more to join in tribute during Earth Day and could perhaps make you become slightly more “green” than you were earlier.

Grassy Lawn Gadget Charging Station


Charging gadgets on time and making sure that they do not drain all the power is of utmost importance in energy conservation. The Grassy Lawn Gadget Charging Station allows you to do just that, and also hide all the ugly wires under a carpet of grass. It would create an eco-friendly look in the room as well.

Bedol Eco-friendly Clock

Drops of water make ocean and little efforts in conserving energy can go a long way. Here is what you could do to begin with: Get a Bedol Eco-friendly Clock that uses just water and lemon juice to run the clock. It needs no batteries, no spring loaded mechanisms or external sources of electricity.

Solar Active Speaker of Landport

Solar Active Speaker of Landport is a great gadget that would allow you to play music from your mp3 player or iPod. It uses solar energy to convert the mp3 data into audible sounds.

Automower Solar Powered Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are known to consume a lot of energy. The Automower Solar Powered Lawn Mower however doesn’t and uses renewable source of energy that comes freely with the sunlight. It even has a chic design.

Portable Solar Charger

The Freeloader Portable Solar Charger can be used by those who frequently travel across the world. It is a hand held device that only needs sunlight for you to charge your mobile phones, iPods, PSp and even PDAs.

Globetrotter Kit with a Freeloader

If you travel around the world, you would know that it is almost difficult to find plug points everywhere. The Globetrotter Kit with a Freeloader can be used to charge most mobile gadgets and it uses an environment friendly lithium ion battery. It can be used to charge PDAs as well.

Solar Powered Bike Lamps

If you already have used enough of these chargers and solar gadgets, you might want to try Solar Powered Bike Lamps that would help you travel in dark alleys, but in an eco-friendly manner.

Pee Charging Batteries

If you thought that batteries could only be powered with the help of lithium ion batteries or solar energy, think again. Bodily liquids can be used to power batteries as well, and that could be a possible gadget in the future. This Nopopo Charging Batteries are available right away.

Easybloom Gardener Gadget

If you are a gardener, you would know that it is difficult to measure all the soil types, temperature and other nitty-gritty’s that you need to know. The Easybloom Gardener Gadget does all that for you, and helps you develop a great garden that is green and eco-friendly.

USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

This helps you to charge your laptops, portable gadgets and even mobile phones with the help of the USB plug. The USBCell Rechargeable Batteries are great if you want something easy but green.

Wind and Sun Chargers

If you would like to charge your portable electronics with and sun, you should get the Hymini. It is a revolutionary way to use wind and Sun to charge iPods, phones and other gadgets.

Green Concepts

While we looked at several existing gadgets, you could take a look at some concepts as well. These may or may not reach the market, but they surely inspire us to respect our Earth more.

Lemon powered Clock

If you thought a clock required electricity or battery power in order to function, think again. The Lemon Powered Clock just uses the acid in the juice to make the clock function.

Digital Pet Plant

If you thought plants could not feel emotions, think again. This cool device which is a concept, allows you to learn the condition of the soil, humidity and temperature surroundings. Pet Plant even comes with an LCD display.

Lexon Bamboo Calculator

Lexon Bamboo Calculator could just be a stylish way to say you can’t count numbers properly. Of course, it is made of renewable wood and thus environmentally friendly as well. Check it out!

Digital Electric motorcycle

The Digital Electric Motorcycle leaves no traces of carbon and is completely emission free. It leaves the air clean and transports you quickly.

Bamboo Bikes

If you thought riding bikes were the cleanest way to get around, the Bamboo Bikes make it even greener and environmentally friendly. They are still conceptual but they are just perfect to reach the Earth Day celebrations in your town.

Zero Carbon Home

The Zero Carbon Home can power itself and is self sustainable. It was created by the Reas in Britain and makes for a great Green founded home.

Hybrid Bicycle Concept

If you want something really stylish and environmentally friendly to ride around, the Hybrid Bicycle Concept could just be what you needed. It runs on two different kinds of sustainable energies, and was conceptualized in China.

Stackable City Cars

For those of you who always wanted great public transportation in your city and always thought about the pollution levels, ask your mayor to get the Stackable City Cars. These take a lot less room, stack against each other and are virtually emission free.

Solar Power Media Player

If you always wanted to listen to music and make sure that you are not leaving any carbon footprints behind, you should get yourself the Solar Power Media Player. All you would need is some sun to ward of the gloom in your mind.

Folding Scooter

Folding Scooter could just be what the University students required. It is environmentally friendly and can be carried around the campus easily like a couple of books.

These concepts and gadgets could be a great way to begin your journey to becoming the greenest friendly geek ever. If you run into some other gadget that is green and environmentally friendly, spread the word around so that people start observing Earth Day more seriously, and begin to respect the fragile environment we live in.