Drool Worthy Halo Xbox 360 Mod Gives Back

The Halo lovers ultimate dream has arrived. Meet the limited edition, one of a kind Halo Xbox 360 Elite Console mod that could take its place next to all the other amazing Xbox 360 mods.


Designed by Richard Taylor of Weta fame (the same company that worked magic for the special effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and was set to work on the now debunked Halo movie) this unique piece is both visually appealing and 100% usable as a gaming console.

The console is only one of a series designed to raise funds for the David Peachey Foundation. Celebs such as Russell Crowe, Jennifer Hawkins, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian and Hugh Jackman are working with the foundation and items are being auctioned on Ebay.au. The driving force behind the auctions is the ‘Xbox 360 Konsole’s for Kids Charity Auction’ established to celebrate the sale of one million Xbox 360 consoles in Australia and New Zealand.

David Peachey is a famous rugby player and created his foundation in 2004 to encourage Australia and New Zealand’s native children to “be smart, stay clean, live your dream”. The foundation offers scholarships and school exchange opportunities as well as sports grants, cultural immersion camps, and mentoring. As of 2008, the charity works primarily in New South wales, North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The Halo console features Master Chief and his UNSC battle rifle as designed for Halo 3. “Parts” of the console pour out the other side as his shot takes impact and the entire piece is mounted on a rocky black base.

But perhaps the greatest appeal is the console’s one of a kind nature. There will only be one created. Ever. Try holding that over the heads of your geek gaming friends when you invite them over to play.

The auction ends on April 24th, and is currently up to $520AU. Out of your price range? Other more affordable Halo items include a Halo 3 skull controller cradle, a Halo remote control vehicle, or, my personal favorite, a Master Chief bobble head.

via: kotaku