Bloody and Horrifying Stationary Will Keep Employees In Check

If you were wondering what it is like to work in a TV channel that is dedicated to  horror and crime, it sure must be real fun. Take for example the case of 13th Street, the most famous crime and horror channel in Germany. They recently commissioned an agency to design stationary that would reveal the true personality of the channel and its employees.

13th street horror

13th street horror cd

The envelopes, the letterheads, the business cards are all horror-filled, and you could see the blood oozing out of the employees’ pictures. It sure is a macabre way to create an identity for its employees and for the channel itself. However, the bloodthirsty corporate design is truly remarkable and scary, and reflects the attitude of the horror TV channel in an apt manner.

13th street horror letter

Moreover, it is a great way to make sure that the bills are paid on time, and dues are cleared punctually when someone receives an invoice from the 13th Street. Imagine when you receive a macabre envelope containing an invoice that has bloody pictures of the TV channel you owe money for!

It sure is a novel and fun way to create a corporate identity and being a horror and crime channel, 13th Street could surely make use of all that blood and gore. You could also take a look at other horror inspired art like the Macabre Chucky Doll Cake and the Leatherface Action Figure.

13th street horror stationary business card

Via: Geekologie