Eat Up Trekkies! The Starship Enterprise Meat Sculpture

Even Trekkies have to eat sometime, and what better way then with the Starship Enterprise as their full protein snack to keep them going throughout the day?

star trek starship enterprise meat sculpture
This great Starship Enterprise meat sculpture created by Spackonauten and found at MHHD is the perfect way to greet a Star Trek geek with at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Heck, imagine how happy a Trekkie would be opening up his/her Spock Lunchbox and finding one of this Enterprise meat creations all ready to eat.

It even comes with toothpicks for when you are done with your meal.

For other great geeky food creations, check out the Rubik’s Cube sandwich and the  Steve Jobs Cheese Head.

star trek starship enterprise meat sculpture

Bonappetit Trekkies!

starship enterprise star trek meat sculpture

17 thoughts on “Eat Up Trekkies! The Starship Enterprise Meat Sculpture

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  11. mav.

    It’s not from MHHD, who has probably stolen it, it’s from Germanys Chief-Spackonaut banana as you can see when you follow the link!

    Please credit the correct website here!

    1. Walyou.

      Hi Mav, thank you for providing us the correct source link, we edited the post, making sure the artist got credit for the Starship Enterprise meat sculpture. 🙂

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