LEGO Digital Box Speeds Up LEGO Sales with Augmented Reality

In our quest for buying the best toys, games or gadgets we often end up doling out money to something that’s not worth it and end up regretting later. Well it’s a loss on both sides as these impulsive buys give the company selling the product a bad name too. So following this line of thought Lego decided to act upon it, and the brains in their company came up with an amazing concept called Lego Digital Box – a device which uses augmented reality techniques to show any customer how the final design of any particular play set looks like.

LEGO Digital Box

This way, from now on, whenever you shop at Lego Stores, and are having a tough time deciding on a set of Lego toys, all you need to do is hold the box up to the screen and let the camera detect which set it is, so that it shows what the final design looks like. If it’s what you want, go for it; if not, then move on to the next set – it’s that easy. Lego fans will welcome this new innovation as it saves them a lot of time thinking about whether to purchase a set or not, and add on that the curiosity of people to check a device based on augmented reality – Lego has nailed it big this time.

I would humbly request Lego to also lend me one of these devices so that I can carry them with me on first dates. It’ll help me save a lot of bucks on dinner and a movie if I already know it’s not ending well. Just an augmented reality joke folks. If Lego is your true calling then definitely check out Lego Steve Jobs and Lego ATM.

Via – GadgetVenue