Gradient Helsinki 1.5 Speaker Has An Aesthetic Appeal

Many historical landmarks were founded in the year I was born (1984) and one of them is the birth of a Finland based Organization which is today known for its innovative Speaker Designs.

Gradient Helsinki 1.5 Speaker

Yes, I too am unique, but let us talk about the renowned Company called as Gradient Ltd. which is again in news for the introduction of its groundbreaking Speaker called the Helsinki 1.5. The latest model has been designed keeping in mind the economies of space. It outdistances its predecessors with its striking design and unprecedented sound levels.


Utilizing Controlled directivity, it changes our perception about speakers and establishes the belief that powerful surround can also be expected from artistic speakers. This controlled directivity is achieved by the use of Dipole Bass, Cardioid Midrange and Wave-guided tweeter. As the speaker doesn’t contain a box so the listeners are able to escape box colorations. In order to get rid of floor bounce, the drivers are kept upward firing. Applying reflection principles, the midrange is sent at such an angle towards the ceiling that it gets reflected towards the listening area thereby delivering a spectacular listening effect.


To attain right amount of bass I would recommend a subwoofer with Gradient Helsinki 1.5. The highs are crystal clear while the lower frequencies need subwoofer to be projected optimally. Also, the positioning of the speaker has a great impact on its sound output. If you place it close to the wall and tilt it around 20 degrees, you will notice that the sound is more appealing but if you want wide sound stage covering like in a theater, tilt the speaker to 45 degrees.

The Helsinki 1.5 is a three-way speaker built from environment friendly materials. Weighing 23 Kgs, this speaker come in various variants, such as Birch, Walnut oiled, Oak oiled, Black, and White. So, if you are allured by Helsinki 1.5, you can buy it by shelling out $6,000.

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Via: Outofaces