The Foldable Floor Concept Is A Perfect Blend Of Techology And Creativity

In this World, who doesn’t want to have a spacious Home? The Origami like Foldable¬† Floor concept by Kyoto-based student Shin Yamashita is the perfect solution for making our homes even more spacious.landpeel 1

The Concept Foldable Floor named “Landpeel” appears just like a Hi-tech modern Tatami mat (traditional Japanese flooring) covering your floor with a comfortable, insulating material and loaded with surprising features like they can be folded to make tables, desks and back rests unlike the traditional tatami mats and the folds are engineered in such a way that they end up giving you the actual taste of comfort. So now no more confusion over deciding the position of your tables, couches or of your chairs, just simply peel the floor from part you want it and get going with your work. Go grab this one as soon as it hits the market in the near future and play origami with your floor!

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Via: Wired