The Iron Man Helmet Readies Itself for a Steampunk Look

The Iron man helmet modification is a great addition to the burgeoning world of Marvel Comics inspired accessories. With a big spectacles-like attachment, the helmet gets the look of a mad scientist. The mod has been done to probably create a steampunk version of the super hero.

iron man helmet 1

The helmet by Broken Toys draws its inspiration from Iron Man, the character from Marvel Comics. The character was not limited to comics and as we all know, the name received a bigger reach, after the release of a movie by the same name.  This American super hero film directed by Jon Favreau, hit the silver screen in 2008.

The story of Iron Man sees a transformation from a normal man to a superhero. An industrialist named Tony Stark, (also an engineer) builds a powered armor and becomes a technologically advanced superhero.  The armor gives him the strength of a superhuman.

What if this helmet is brought into market? It is quite certain that it would stand out from the stereotypical helmets available in the market. With iron man helmets the ‘macho men’ might get an opportunity to flaunt the ‘iron’ in them. You could also take a look at Iron Man 2 Bobble Heads and Steampunk Iron Man Helmet, if you would like to read more about the superhero.