This ‘Deer’ Camera Does Not Look Dear At All!

In Today’s world, creativity is at it’s peak and it definitely comes out in some form or the other form and this time a camera has become a cool victim of creativity and imagination. deer front

deer side

The camera by Boy Of Blue is named as “Deer” and is designed to study the core ritual of the hunt and man’s arrogant separation from Nature. This ancient and weird looking 4″x5″ camera is made up from a steel plate that was found in a desert near Mexico along with some brass parts from 1800’s gold scale and bullet shells. Apart from these, it also has parts made of ivory, bronze, aluminum and copper bullets along with two long pointed bony appendages (antlers) that originate from it’s base; coming to it’s functionality, it does work like an usual camera although it appears just like an intricately designed show piece. This Deer comes with one cool Eiffel tower like looking stand to capture great images. So if your an art lover then this would certainly top your Wish-list.

deer stand

Here are some of the photos captured from this camera:

deer photo 1deer photo2deer photo3

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