Discreet Window Helps Monitor Performance at Home Offices

Working from home is not only convenient but it also saves you from a lot of annoyances that you may have to face at a regular place of work. Thus, Home Offices come with the benefit of time, comfort of working from a familiar environment, reduced transportation costs, and also lack of distractions.

discreet window

However, one needs to be really disciplined in order to bring out the best in you, but thankfully there are several self monitoring devices that allow you to make sure you do not waste your time in the comfort of your home and instead spend more time on the computer working productively.

discreet window spheres

However, most of these monitoring devices are intrusive and may indeed disturb you while working, and thus interfere with the efficiency pattern. The Discreet Window by Ishac Bertan and her collaborator Gizem Boyacioglu is one of the best solutions available for those who work from home. The Discreet Window is an ambient display that allows light to pass through depending on the amount of work you put in.

The more you work, the Discreet Window would allow lesser amount of light thus allowing you to know and monitor your own productivity in a discreet and non-intrusive manner. The blinds come with 4 modes open, half-open, closed and graph, which allow you to swap between “working conditions” and also know how you have been performing. All you would need to do as a user is to match the coloured spheres on the left with the ones on the right.

At the end of the week, you could even set it to the “graph” mode to check how well you performed or how much you need to improve. It is one of the most non-intrusive self-monitoring devices that I have come across. The best quality about the Discreet Window is that it can also improve the way your room looks!

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