Wooden Turntable Has a Retro-Chic Vibe

This unique, eco-friendly turntable by Audiowood would make the perfect gift for the music lover in your life who is also environment-friendly (to a certain sense)

Audiowood creates a variety of music-related products, but one of the coolest pieces has to be “Barky”, an old-fashioned turntable made out of a slice of a tree and a custom-sized glass platter. Specs for this piece include a Rega RB251 arm, Premotec motor, and the wood is poly-sealed and paste waxed. The table is even designed with an independent motor to reduce vibrations.

Imagine the looks on your guests faces when they walk in and your records are playing on a slice of tree trunk. Cut to perfection and perfectly glazed, each piece is truly one of a kind and can be customized to your specific audio needs.

Turntables have a beautiful, vintage feel that puts even the youngest listeners in mine of simpler times. Before every family member had an individual TV set, computer and gaming system in their room and people gathered around to listen together. A single record player could bring joy to dozens of people, all listening reverently or dancing to the tunes it sang out.

This turntable would be a unique, functional piece for any music enthusiast. While you’ll need to contact Audiowood for exact pricing, the base price for custom turntables is around $1000 and deluxe custom tables start at $2500.

Audiwood is the world’s first retailer of high-performance ecological audio products. From the sustainable-sourced raw materials for their wooden products right down to the companies they do business with when assembling the “guts” of each device, Audiowood strives to maintain the goals laid out in their environmental policy without compromising on audio or design quality. The company¬†also creates iPhone nests, tube amplifiers, speaker stands, and tube clocks in unique designs.

Other companies also produce incredibly cool turntables that give a new spin to a retro classic. Check out this lighted set by Linyl Records or the updated Manta that combines new technology with old-fashioned design.