Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy Bank To Save Your Money

If you have been complaining that your children don’t stay at home and go out to play Tetris Arcade Game spending your valuable money then you would love to know that now you can restrain your kids from going out by gifting them Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy Bank.

Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy Bank

This would serve the dual purpose of entertaining the kids as well has inculcating in them the habit to save money. Now play your favorite Arcade game on the miniature retro machine of Tertis that comes at a reasonable price of $70. On its small LCD you can play your favorite game for 3 minutes with the miniature arcade controls used in the original version.

Tetris Arcade Gaming Piggy

You would need 4 AA batteries to operate the game of the piggy bank and remember that these batteries are not included in the package. This piggy bank has been designed for 100 yen coins (up to 100) and features a 2/3 scale controller. It can be bought for kids of ages 6 and above. The only thing that sucks is that the instructions of this game are in Japanese. So, if you don’t know Japanese, you can buy a Tetris Hoodie to show off your Tetris love or play Tetris 2 Game.

Tetris has been used in various ways to appeal people and one such concept is Nintendo Papercraft Gameboy that can be used to fool people.