Heritage Mixes With Modern Era to Give You a Retro iPhone Dock

The most talked about gadget that’s been the fastest and best performer, the iPhone, has won thousands of hearts of all the Apple lovers. So what’s bringing us to make this iPhone trend to move ahead for all the Apple fans and get a wider deal? Let us go back to the 1960’s and give a tinge of our ancient designs to this latest gadget to give it the most antique look ever!

Heritage Mixes With Modern Era (3)

Well, am sure you must aware of the phones used during our ancestors’ or grandparents’ times, the ones with long cords and an ancient look. So what could be a more interesting combination than mixing the old inventions with the latest ones? So presented to here is this iPhone dock, with a total heritage look with a sculpted base.

Heritage Mixes With Modern Era

Heritage Mixes With Modern Era (2)

Giving you a total retro look, you could have this dock for $195, though it does not support a USB connection. This dock is designed from resin with applicable notch for your iPhone’s handset. This artistic piece has the most authentic looks with shades of black, clear or pink resin with the most simple and elegant effect. Each of this master piece is sculpted and made just one at a time. Totally functional, you could gift this dock to your grandparents’ to take them back to their time!

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via: neatorama