18 Greatest Mona Lisa Painting Remakes

One could pause and think, what on earth is common between one of the most popular paintings in the world, the Mona Lisa, and the world of technology, video games and gadgets. Nothing much at all, right? Well, you would be completely wrong if you believed so. Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings among not just art students, but also geeks across the world. Before, we get into the reasons and proof; let us see who Mona Lisa really is.

Mona Lisa was painted between 1503 and 1506 by Leonardo da Vinci during the Italian Renaissance. Mona Lisa was painted in oil on a popular panel in the beautiful city of Florence, and for centuries art students have tried to recreate the painting and master it. The reason why the painting is so famous is because of Mona Lisa’s facial expression is ambiguous. In fact, people believe that you could see her smile, frown or even appear expressionless depending on your own mood.

While what Mona Lisa was thinking or what her painting signifies remains a mystery to this day, the bigger mystery is the painting’s popularity among geeks. Honestly, apart from the series of gadgets, designs, products, and even geek art, there is no particular reason why the painting has to be so popular among geeks. Let us leave all the reasons aside, and take a look at the 18 most interesting and geeky Mona Lisa Painting Remakes ever surfaced that will surely attract fans and others alike.

Mona Lisa Chair

mona lisa chair

If you thought your butt was as artistic as one’s bottom could get, and if you always wanted it to be shown some artistic attention, you might be in for some disappointment. In such a case, you could get one of these Mona Lisa Chairs and sit on her face and anger all the artists who refused to make a portrait of your lovely geek behind. Ah, the joy!

Mona Lisa Back Tattoo

mona lisa back tattoo

This could be one of the coolest and most painful recreations of the Mona Lisa Painting. Tattoo artist HeadOvMetal created the Mona Lisa Tattoo on the back of his subject with great detail, patience and of course artistic abilities. Tattooing is certainly no easy job!

Motherboard Mona Lisa

mona lisa motherboard

Here is what could be called the geekiest “Motherboard” Mona Lisa ever, and she has been created using motherboards! You could find this piece of “art” in ASUS headquarters at Taiwan.

Coffee Cup Mona Lisa

mona lisa cups of coffee

I am not sure if coffee was so popular during the time of Leonardo da Vinci, but it sure is during the time of geeks. Here is a Mona Lisa recreation which was done using a whopping 3,604 coffee cups. Coffee Cup Mona Lisa looks pretty good too! With a video proving it is all created using actual coffee cups, skeptics will be shocked.

Mona Tofu

If you ever wanted to please a diehard vegan, all you would need to do is buy this Mona Tofu, and give it as a gift. I have a feeling that is not possible, so you could at least show this picture of Mona Lisa which was created out vegan products including Tofu.

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Hard Rock Mona Lisa

Hard Rock Mona Lisa may not be the radiant and angelic perswon that we know from the original painting. Here she is a kick-ass metal head with deep red lipstick and black clothing. She looks more gothic than a metalhead.

Vik Muniz Mona Lisa

mona lisa vik muniz

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz has painted using non-traditional materials like caviar, diamonds, chocolate, gold, soil, sugar, junk, cotton wool, peanut butter, jam, nails, yarn and blood. At an exhibition, he also displayed this intriguing recreation of Mona Lisa.

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Red Bull Mona Lisa

If you thought Red Bull energized you, it may have energized a geeky artist-wannabe as well. Here is a artwork made of Red Bull cans.

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Train Ticket Mona Lisa

mona lisa train ticket

Mona Lisa certainly could not have traveled by train in the early 1500s. Nevertheless, here is a Mona Lisa that has been created with just the train tickets of Japanese railway system. More than 320,000 tickets were used.

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Mona Lisa on Your Lawn

3D Art Expert Chris created Mona Lisa on his client’s lawn. He just used some basic garden tools and a lawnmower to do so. After two days, Mona Lisa came to life!

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Japanese Puzzle Mona Lisa

mona lisa japanese puzzle

Japan certainly has a huge population most of whom are geeks. With such a high percentage of geeks, it should not be a surprise if they created a Mona Lisa Jigsaw Puzzle. Interestingly, the puzzle has the pictures of masterpieces and is also the smallest sized 1,000 pieced jigsaw puzzle in the world. Well, Japan is a big puzzle itself.

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Bento Mona Lisa

mona lisa bento

Bento is a home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. It is made of rice, fish or meat and vegetables. Here is a Mona Lisa made of Bento. I am sure it hardly makes anyone hungry.

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Dirty Car Art Mona Lisa

Scott Wade is an amazing artist who uses the dirt on window panes of cars in order to create beautiful art. He used the dirt on the car windshield to create this rather pretty Mona Lisa.

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Lego Mona Lisa

Lego to geeks is what the canvas is for artists. Lego building blocks has allowed the geeks to create all things creative, and they are virtually like the canvas for an artist. Thus, here is a cool Lego Mona Lisa recreation in  building blocks. If Mona Lisa were alive today, she would have had a great laugh at this.

Computer Folders Mona Lisa

What could be a better way to show that Mona Lisa fits in geeky world than recreating her image in a set of computer folders? Well, here is a representation of Mona Lisa in Computer Folders that seem to say that if she were alive today, she definitely would have had that geeky charm. Or perhaps, she is only trying to create an interest in arts among geeks.

Paintball Mona Lisa

mona lisa mythbusters paintball

Mythbusters have created this wonderful Paintball Mona Lisa using 1100 separate paintball barrels. It must have been a real feat to do so! The actual video showing the painting being made is just amazing!

Sheepish Mona Lisa

mona lisa leonardo baaa vinci

Perhaps this is one of those recreations of Mona Lisa that seems to suggest how Mona Lisa has turned into what could be called “art for the masses”. Thanks to all the sheep which were stuck with LED lights, and all the dogs that followed the orders and drove the sheep in a certain fashion, the Pong playing “artists” created this Sheepish Mona Lisa. Of course, there were a lot of fireworks to assist. Check out the video and be amazed!

Burger Mona Lisa

Here is yet another funny Mona Lisa which was recreated with the help of grease from hamburgers. The “artists” threw the burgers at a canvas, and the grease in the hamburgers created the Burger Mona Lisa “painting”. Watch the quick video, and you will be highly entertained…if not a bit hungry.

While it is quite clear now that even the geeks find Mona Lisa appealing, she just could be what could be termed as “art for the masses” In fact, as evidenced earlier, even those into gardening and sheep rearing are familiar with Mona Lisa. It is a step in the right direction for the rest of the world too would develop an interest in art, thanks to such enthusiastic geeks.