Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table-cum-iPod Dock Mixes History with Modernization!

So do you love the combination of entertainment and luxury? Sounds interesting! Well, how about getting this combination right into your home to enhance your décor? Presented to you is the most elegant coffee table accurately designed in the shape of a Pyramid along with an iPod dock.Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table-cum-iPod Dock

Tagged as Horus and designed by Stephane Thivend, this futuristic coffee table is all set to take a new turn for all Apple fanboys. Use this table and the value of your iPod or iPhone will automatically rise with your choice!

Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table-cum-iPod Dock (3)

So all the iPod users can use this table for multi-tasking, and show your friends your funky choice. The concept of pyramids takes us back to the magic of the Egyptians, and their creativity. The coffee table uses this wonderful concept with a glass surface on the top, along with the portion of the pyramid sticking on the top of this surface acting as an iPod dock.

Pyramid Shaped Coffee Table-cum-iPod Dock (4)

You can attach integrated amplified speakers to the base of the pyramid, and play music on your accord with this super dock, along with a flashy look given by the LED lights to give you a livelier look. I guess Apple lovers are all set to get an amazing deal with this gadget-cum-table.

Though the table is yet not priced, I guess its definitely taking us back to historical time looks with a tinge of modernization. All the die-hard fans of Apple, also check out the iPod mini Mod or the Lego Steve Jobs Cube Dude.

Via: DVice