TokyoFlash Presents Broke Watch – First Ever Kisai USB Rechargeable

So are you the fashion trend breaker, who sets the trendy status in your campus or among your friends? Then I guess you might be in constant search for innovative or techie products that would definitely grasp all attention towards you. Your wishes are answered. Check out this Kisai watch, tagged Broke, one of the best designed and rechargeable watches ever.Watch- First Ever Kisai USB Rechargeable

What’s so different about this Kisai watch? Well, Broke comes with a USB rechargeable, by providing a better brightness factor, and proving totally water resistant with an amazing long lasting battery. Just announced by TokyoFlash Japan, Kisai Broke is very easy to read the time, unlike other Japanese watches, with a fragmented display made out of mineral crystal lens.

Watch- First Ever Kisai USB Rechargeable (2)

While the outer blocks show you the hours, just placed in the order of a regular watch, the inner ring shows 5-minutes intervals. The rest of the center blocks represent individual 4-minutes. This is the first ever USB rechargeable watch in the Kisai series that’s easily chargeable by connecting the watch to the computer with USB.

Watch- First Ever Kisai USB Rechargeable (3)

The watch also flaunts a stainless steel case of 33x48x9 and a wrist band of size 130-200mm, while it allows you to turn off the LED lights when not in use. It can be folded with the use of a push button, and the watch is available to you for just $168.15, the best deal Kisai fans can ever expect.

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