USB Dialer Gadget Concept

So Dialog05 strikes again, and as they left us stark with their bizarre USB “subculture” product ideas before, they now return with something for obsessive dialers. Vintage phones had the concept of hooking your fingers in small holes and turning all the way round to dial a number. With the advent of press-pad technology, these dialer phones are nothing more than souvenirs.

USB Dialer Gadget Concept

But this USB dialer might just let you toy with the idea or even help you make actually phone calls with the help of USB Receiver Unit. If this thing actually works, you wouldn’t be using the virtual number pad featured by your Voip Client, but this round dialer to make phone calls. I personally believe this would amount to a lot of clutter on one’s desk.

When I think of this on a different note, I realized that three pin plugs across the world could be replaced by just one standardized USB port and a small screen to run every possible electric gadget.  Then this dialer and phone receiver set would make a lot more sense to the world.

Other than the USB phone receiver I spoke of, Dialog05 has lot many other USB-obsessed product concepts like USB Flash Drive Tie, USB Communication Device and USB Universal Key Design.

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