Ball Balancing Robot: Get Robots To Do What We Seriously Suck At!

Balancing oneself on a ball is one of the many things that most of us would like to only be a witness to and not the one on the ball. So a student from the Robot Development Engineering Lab, Japan decided that he or rather his robot should do the same trick over and over again to amuse him; hence he and his mentor together built this cool Ball Balancing Robot.

ball balancing robot1

This seemingly fun robot has in fact a high sense of utility and some very general but exceptionally well engineered mechanisms that make this one stand out of the crowd. Built by Masaaki Kumagai and his student Takaya Ochiai the self balancing robot can be considered as one of the most exceptional robots that have been created recently.

ball balancing robot3

The robot rides on a rubber coated bowling ball which is guided by three omni directional wheels that enabling the robot to effortlessly turn to any direction and also to pivot around it’s own axis. If you still think that this is not very different from the other robots or probably consider it to be a mini size Segway Scooter then check the video out. Moreover, the standard robot or mobility vehicles we have today have 2 wheels and in order to change directions they have to practically make a turn but this cool robot can just rotate about it’s own axis and change directions in the most effective manner ever, now beat that Segway!

ball balancing robot4

You can see for yourself the kind of potential this robot has to offer to the new era of mankind and then try and compare it to a few of the existing ones like the Towel Folding Robot or the Pitstop robot that gives you a tank full of gas and a smile on your face.

ball balancing robot7

Via: Hacked Gadgets