Amazing Batman Collage Tattoo

When artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger co-created the character of Batman for DC Comics way back in 1939, they had no idea that their beloved character would become so hugely popular all over the world.

batman collage tattoo 1

The popularity is such that people are ready to inflict elaborate injuries on their own bodies in the name of tattoo art. This beautiful Batman Collage Art is not only intricate and extremely pretty, but must have also been excruciatingly painful for the tattoo-bearer. Still, it includes such great detail…it is definitely a top notch design.

batman collage tattoo 2

Tattoo artist Carly Shephard has used several different colors of paint to create a realistic collage of comic scenes from the Batman series. The tattoo features scenes from Batman comics and you could spot several important characters that are cherished by the many fans.

batman collage tattoo 3

Covering the person’s right arm and partially the back and chest, this tattoo could be one of the most elaborate Batman tattoos ever created. You could also take a look at the Geekiest Comic Book Tattoos we found before, which also feature a Batman tattoo, but not even close to such detail and Wow factor as this one.

I am sure Batman fans would like to get one now as well!

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