Admiral Ackbar Toilet: It’s a Crap!

Admiral Ackbar is one of the ugliest looking creatures in the Star Wars franchise. He was seen in the Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi first, and later in several games, novels and comic books. In the Expanded Universe series, Admiral Ackbar represents his planet Mon Calamari and is later captured to become a slave.


This Admiral Ackbar Toilet is a dedication to this notorious character from the Star Wars. Designed by bmansnuggles, the Admiral Ackbar Toilet also features his assistant. He was known for his famous dialogue “It’s a trap” and this toilet version of his character reads “It’s a crap”.

You could try and get a toilet like this if you are a Star Wars fan. You could check a list of Geeky Toilet paper Designs which we had written about sometime back. You could also check out the Fish Tank Toilet. I am not sure what the obsession with toilets is for this section of society, but it looks like we shall see several more geeky toilets in future.

Via: Buzz Feed