EYE Flower Pot Is Here To Let Plants Tell Their Needs To Humans!

So are you a botanist and love healthy greenery around you? Or are you curious about how a seed that’s planted in the soil of Mother Nature blooms into a beautiful plant? Then I guess you should check out ‘Eye’, a flower pot that lets you check the progress of the roots of your plants.“EYE” Flower Pot

To feel the freshness of the mornings, you might go for walks in the green places, and to praise this beauty of nature, I am sure you would want to keep constant tab on the healthy growth of the plants. “Eye” is programmed to keep eye on the humidity, temperature, density and various other soil factors affecting the growth of the plant. Definitely, this beautifully designed concept could also be used as a home décor, but for a plant lover, it’s definitely a way to keep a constant tab on the perfect nurturing of plants.

“EYE” Flower Pot (2)

Olga Kalugina, the mastermind behind this concept, also let’s this pot identify chemical reactions by allowing you to X-ray the rooting systems. . So even if you are not a professional scientist, you can surely study the growth you’re your beautiful flowers, and increase their lifespan by taking care of their demands displayed on the pots.

“EYE” Flower Pot (3)

With the increase in passion for horticulture, I am sure this futuristic concept is surely going to gel with the plant lovers.  I guess human has found a way to communicate with non- beings, i.e. plants!  Also check out the Awesome Plants VS Zombie lawn ornaments, the Manga Comics Vegetable Farming Methods or the Inspiring Earth Day Gadgets.