Candy Land Cakes Celebrate the Game’s 60th Anniversary

Candy Land was one of the first games that were created and it is also the first board game played in America. The simple racing board game was created in the 1940s by Eleanor Abbott.

candy land cake 1

Candy Land is a game that has helped several generations of children entertains themselves, and thus it is only fair that a real “sweet” version of the board game is created.

Thus, Debbie Does Cakes has created a Candy Land Cake for Isabella who just turned one year old. The gumdrops are almost like tiny cakes themselves. Debbie has also created another Candy Land cake for HASBRO in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Candy Land.

candy land cake 2

In fact, Lombard Street would be turned into world’s largest candy land game and would measure about 2 feet tall. Now that requires a lot of sugar and sweetness! You could also take a look at the Mystery Machine Cake, which is not all that geeky either but is really cute. This cake design would remind you of Scooby Doo and his friends.