Tetris Block Soap Sets Give 15 Shapes at One Go!

Tetris, though it’s almost two and a half decade old, still succeeds in creating frenzy among all kids and teens with its colorful blocks. With its exclusive shapes and various tricks, Tetris has been the source of inspiration for many products and toys, one such being the amazing Tetris soap sets. So you get regular complains of your kids’ not going to take a bath? Then tempt them with awesome scented Tetris block shaped soap bars.

Tetris Block Soap

Adapted from the classic block game of Tetris, these soap sets seems like the blocks just stepped out of the original game! So how about trying to adjust these whacky blocks that will ultimately dissolve into foam later?

Tetris Block Soap (4)

So you are a Nintendo freak, then you must have definitely crossed many levels of his game, and must be aware of all the twists and turns. So you will easily recognize these soap shapes, which are inspired from level 7 with 15 pieces.

Tetris Block Soap (2)

These soap sets are for just $13.50, so run and grab them while you get the best offer, for these super fragrances of Strawberry Rhubarb will fill your room with scented aroma, and made with moisturizer, castor oil, palm oil and many other healthy ingredients.

Tetris Block Soap (3)

Weighing 8 ounces, I guess these Tetris soaps are the geekiest gift you can give that’s made with super vegan glycerin soap base. You will definitely not be able to resist long enough once you glance at these adorable little bars.

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