Hands On with the Ultrasone Zino Headphones: Great Sound, Beautiful Design

The Ultrasone Zino Headphones are a pair wonderful and fashionable quality headphones that along with providing great clarity, do so with a style that would excite many listeners.

ultrasone zino quality headphones
Although there are many headphones available for all our various mobile devices, the Zino from Ultrasone definitely aimed to provide a higher end listening experience that really grant the quality many are looking for and are presented equally well.

First of all, the Zino are not shaped as we are usally accustomed with headphones, but are a rather rounded square shape, which feels much more comfortably, snug and steady. As would be expected, they are adjustable for different head sizes, but are not cheaply made and remain attached to your skull with the earbuds laying comfortably on your ears. In addition, they are rather a really lightweight gadget, making long term listening an ongoing comfortable part.

ultrasone zino headphones

To make things even nicer to the user, the earbuds include soft (and rather thick) foam pads which are covered with a smooth nylon mesh, providing additional comfort thus enhancing the overall experience. Although these same earbuds feel nice and comfortable, the material will probably not be the best bet for those looking for exercise headphones who are getting ready to sweat it out. Still, the Ultrasone Zino do not overtake your ears as regular headphones, but at the same time…do not isolate noise because of that. This means, if you are walking around listening to them, you would most likely be able to hear cars and such and be more aware of your surroundings. Depending on preference, this could be an advantage or disadvantage. I personally love listening to music but have never needed such absorption as to be ‘one with the music’. I do in fact like to hear what is going on around me…no matter how good the music is, and the Zinos provided what I look for.

ultrasone zino headphones design

Another major feature with the Ultrasone Zino is the ability to collapse comfortably, making for a wonderful pair of headphones to carry around or travel with. Similar to a pair of sunglasses, the Zino earbuds fold inside and become compact enough to fit in your pocket, or in the special case they provide. This same case has a semi hard shell with soft foam inside, mainting that the headphones remain protected when tagging along.

ultrasone zino headphones image

The Sound Quality itself on the Ultrasone Zino headphones is extremely clear and delivers an amazing performance. They are powerful enough to grant a high end sound but also do not overdo it with extreme bass as to make it loud only –  as many companies usually add volume to make up for the lack of quality.

Lastly, all of the above is combined within really good looking headphones which look more expensive then they really are. They are running for $129, but with the chrome finish, precise woksmanship and sound delivery, you are in fact excited to use them and hear the difference with the first play. Another final point is the good cable that it is made of, which is much thicker than regular headphones, and therefore decreasing the tangles as we all hate so much.

cool ultrasone zino headphones

In the end, you receive a strong pair of headphones that are rated well, reviewed positively and are well made.

For actual technical specs, additional images or to get your own, check out Ultrasone site for all details.

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