The Toy Car Hidden Camcorder Doesn’t Gather Unwanted Attention

When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a spy with all these amazingly cool gadgets. It was only a dream but now with brilliant gadgets, like this awesome Toy Car Hidden Camcorder pouring into the market, I guess it’s time for me make this dream a reality.Toy Car Hidden Camcorder (2)

Toy Car Hidden Camcorder

This gadget which looks like a toy car on the outside is a brilliantly concealed camcorder with features on the likes of professional grade surveillance systems, has the ability to record and capture crystal clear videos and photos in high resolution.

Toy Car Hidden Camcorder (3)

With a capacity of capturing 32,000 snapshots and 3 hours of video footage, this gadget can be used to secure enough proof, capturing the ‘thief’ in the midst of his wrongdoing in crystal clear vision and the time and date stamp feature makes your job of navigating through the hours of footage a piece of cake.

Toy Car Hidden Camcorder (4)

This awesome car cam can also connect to the Internet, so you can tune into the video stream online getting the surveillance of your home when you’re someplace else and its motion and audio detection features enable it to start recording the moment motion or sound is detected.

Toy Car Hidden Camcorder (5)

If you’ve got no one to spy on, well this car camera can also be used as a web cam or as a digital camera to capture videos and tons of photos and up at a price of $129.95 this gadget is pure technological excellence!

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